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Instead of jamming my dotnet profile with fifty million links and making everyone all confused, I've decided to put all of my links here on this one page, and link it to that page. Because, sometimes, I'm just a nice guy like that.

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  1. hello Mega Matt! i just wanted to let you on a idea that i had, i think people would enjoy it. basically, The arrow characters from Season 1 go to the future in 2046 and Meet the old Oliver who is broken alone, and has lost everyone. i think it would be a really cool idea you know. The pre island arrow characters react to oliver in the future.

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  3. Heyo! Thanks for being such an awesome author and creating such great content. I was wondering if you'll do more Honks stuff if you get back into HP stories? Thanks.

  4. Hello, Megamatt09 my name is Lord of Realms555

    I know that you don't take suggestions from people, but I love most of your works with Harry Potter and recently, I just finished reading your story "Journey Through Time" and I was wondering could your maybe design Church of the star child

  5. Loving all the stories, but slightly disappointed you are stepping away from the Harry Potter world. I know how cumbersome it can be dealing with all of those characters, especially when they do not have clearly defined personalities and you have to rely on other's works to inspire. In the spirit of new ideas, I was reading through yours and I noticed that while you are a major DC fan like myself, you haven't done a Flash story yet. Characters may exist in your stories, but they are mostly background or filler. As an avid follower of your stories, I hope that you choose to do one soon. I was going through, archiveofourown, and adultfanfiction and I discovered that no one has done a Multi-pairing flash-based story and multi-pairing stories are what you do best! You can be the first in fanfiction!

  6. can you do billie eilish for real world breeding ground